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Art isn't just a hobby; it's a lifestyle that encourages me to embrace my uniqueness, express my truth, and inspire others to do the same.


Hi, my name is Alyssa Luna, a multi-talented Latina artist hailing from the vibrant Coachella Valley. As a one-woman operation, I'm dedicated to bringing creativity to life in every aspect of my work.


With a passion for transforming ordinary items into unique works of art, I specialize in a variety of creative ventures. As the owner of Luna Streetwear and Itslunavisuals, I not only design custom sneakers and apparel but also curate streetwear collections that reflect the intersection of art and fashion. My murals adorn urban landscapes, adding color and vibrancy to any environment. I also love hosting paint parties, where I guide others in unleashing their inner artists while fostering a fun and supportive atmosphere.


Beyond the canvas, I'm well-versed in business marketing, leveraging my artistic skills to help brands stand out and connect with their audience. Whether it's through custom apparel designs or eye-catching artwork on awnings, I bring a fresh perspective to every project I undertake.


With a blend of innovation and craftsmanship, I'm proud to represent the Coachella Valley as a Latina artist, infusing my heritage and experiences into my creations. Let's collaborate and make something unforgettable together!

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